Anyone have good information on how these should be set? The defaults are 3500 for each, and I have set mine all for the max. I use 5.8 sm/ap all advantage models and have about 20 sm feeding into a 3 ap(120 degree) cluster. My max sm per ap is 7. Thanks for any information on how these should be set.

It depends on what your network bandwidth availability and your market.

Here are three possible options:

A. Set it to the customer’s service speed with 40,000kb (5MB) down and 8000kb (1MB) up bursting. Normal browsing will feel extremely fast and large file transfers will still be quick.

I like this method for a several reasons:
1. It gets the users on and off the network more quickly.
2. Customers speed-tests are faster than what they think they are paying for
3. Competitive edge. Market higher speed services (disclosing bursting).

B: Set it to the customers rated speed with no bursting. Good for business class services.

C. Set it to 1/2 the customers speed with burst values. Good for networks with limited competition or bandwidth.

We implement option C.
We limit maximum speed (usually 2Mbps/256Kbps) on the router and configure 1/2 of the maximum as SM burst (1024k/128k).
This way customers usually see maximum speed and the limit will be applied only for heavy downloads or P2P usage.
We have a 10% of customers that generate 5-7 GB of daily traffic each, we do need to limit them!!!

My issue is I have a sm at apartment complexes, that house about 50-100 peole. They would all be behind my sm, and I controll them at my gateway, with 1mb down and 512 kb up…I will just leave it as is for now.