sustained vs burst

I've read the documentation the buckets but i'm wondering if someone can clear up just how good the cambium scheduler is. 

Does it ever make sense to have sustained = burst or would it be better to just have burst = max of sector and sustained = customers expected normal rate. 

I mean if i have 10 customers at 8x on 80/20 split and their all set to 10mbit sustained / 100mbit burst 

if 1 guy downloads he can pull 100mbit for 2.5gigs worth of traffic... but what happens if all 9 other people then jump on, will the sector be quick enough to drop everyone down to their sustained 10mbit so they all share the 8x 100mbit that they have available at the RF level? Or will the other 9 be inconvienienced while the scheduler slowly drops the burst traffic that was ongoing, or worse if he grabed 100mbit of burst and is downloading a 4gig file, will the other 9 people be inconvienenced till the 2.5gig bucket is empty.

has no one really tested this? was hoping cambiummatt or one of the other guys would drop a knowledge bomb on me

Have you read the Max Burst Whitepaper available from the product page?

It's on the PMP 450 page > Whitepapers > PMP 450 MaxBurst

Or here

If that still doesn't answer your question, keep posting... I've been a bit preoccupied with a MASSIVE product launch :)

Yep read that, and seems to work how one would hope it would work with the agressive user yielding to the demand for others that aren't at their MIR immediately, but i was just wondering how responisve it is in actual practice :S 

I mean if its perfectly affective why not always just set all users to maxburst = 100% available

The whitepaper goes into how a single user takes advantage of it but not the way the AP deals with multiple users contending for bandwidth during the burst

OH i know, hehe i've been looking forward to hearing more on massive for a while.

I know from our usage high bursts end up causing users to be confused about actual speeds and cause issues with steaming services which may choose a higher bitrate then fall back when burst is over.

We usually set it for 30 seconds worth at double the plan rate roughly. Business customers who aren’t using constant bandwidth can have higher since their traffic is more bursts of documents and files.


Tim, thanks thats pretty much what i was wondering, if i may ask how congested are your sectors that your running like that on?


Nearly none are, we try to balance capacity and add more sectors as needed. I've never run tests on at sector at 100% to see if the burst kicks in but we generally offer it as a "bonus as capacity allows" so people aren't guarenteed anything when it comes to burst.


Worry was less regarding people "not getting burst" and more someone using more than they should be during a time of congestion, logically i would think it  wouldn't be an issue as the burst is only given out if theirs free time available in the frame, and if thats the case theirs no issue and it should have 0 affect on congested times but definitly improve experience during offhours.

We're gonna try to stick tot he sector expansion as we grow philosophy as well to not hit saturation, but then again with big enough packages for clients, a subset of them trying to all download BattleField1 could probably saturate the AP especially if 1 of them happens to be one of the ones with less than optimal SNR.