switch and Canopy Module distance

Hi All,
I am new to this forum, but after reading few posts i realized that you guys are wonderful and doing excellant job in helping each other out.
I have a problem that i am facing these days and would like your input on this issue.
We are going to install canopy 2.4 GHz system but the issue is that distance between switch and the canopy module is around 200m. Usually we use ethernet 10baseT cable that cannot be extended more than 100meters.

The options that came to my mind are to use 10base2 or multimode fibre optic cable between switch and the module (these cables are rated for 200m usage). What i want to know from you is that are these options supported by canopy technology??Can we use them with canopy hardware 2400BHRF??
And what are other option other than that we can utilize to bridge the 200m distance?? I want cost effective solution from you guys…


Hi junaid,

I would suggest using a a good Hub to bridge them together… I would even go as far as sayign use two at 70m apart. I would suggest putting cable through soem form of conduit (pipe).

If at testing you get problems with connectivity and pings, then stick a laptop locally into laptop. Make sure your cable is high quality and well shielded.

You dont want to be running cable near electromagnetic or other RF environments. In addition, something I read in the forum a short while ago, if you experience possible RF interference force your Canopy to talk at 10M.

In theory and according to international specs and standards there is no reason why this shouldn’t work, in practice, a whole diff story.

Good luck.

We have used MediaTwist for situations like this, it is rated for more than 320’, but im not sure the max distance that you can run. Also, have only used this in a LAN environment and not for our wireless equipment, or course that should not matter. Look this up and see if it will work for your application, your cable provider should have this in stock.

Thanks alot vj and ghull for your suggestions. I think one question stills remains untouched.What i want to know is compatibilty of base2 or base base10 with canopy equipment…
Has any one used 10/100base2 cable instead of 10/100baseT cable?
And would canopy support this medium ?


fibre optic cable works just fine. it also adds isolation from the tower to the rest of the equipment for lightning protection

The answer to your original question is YES, either 10Base2 or fiber will work for the Ethernet connection. Neither of these, however, will supply power to the Canopy unit.

At what points along the 200m can you connect the Canopy power supply?

If it’s workable for you, the simplest and cheapest solution would be to run 100m of Cat5 from the Canopy unit to the Canopy power supply and a small, 4-port Ethernet switch. DO NOT USE A HUB! Then run a second 100m Cat5 from the switch to your desired end-point.