Switches for industrial use?

Does CAMBIUM NETWORKS have switches for industrial use?

Define “industrial use”.

Cambium use to use EtherWan hardend switches, I dont like them but thats a personal grudge.

There are many switches that are “industrial” grade but this usually limits port count or throughput to fit within a DIN rail spec size or power requirement. It depends on the actual application, bandwidth requirements, required port count and speed and additional functions like vlan support and control and the temperature range required.
Keep in mind that most “industrial” grade switches are of a blocking architecture and are not able to switch all ports in both directions at line rate.

The biggest boon the “industrial” has is they are usually 12/24 or 48vdc. But even a cisco 2960s is 12vdc (12v + 48v if its a poe switch) on the inside. And they handle -40 temps (c or f, at this cold its the same) and with a power vent for summer temps (our boxes can hit 140f when the fan fails) they dont get too hot. But your location may require a more robust cooling system.