Has anyone tried using the edgepoint switches and routers from ubiquiti with the epmp line? is it possible? It looks pretty interesting for the smaller deployments im planning. Anyone got any recommendations  or alternatives? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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On the EP-6 running 24v POE they work well with everything except the non-gps connectorized 5Ghz units and perhaps the early 2/5Ghz integrated units (without a reverse-polarity converter)

.  No issues with force 180 or 200 or the epmp 1000 gps units.

epmp 2000 require higher voltages than the edgepoint 6 port supports.  I would guess they should work fine @ 48v on the EP-8 or EP-16 switch.

Two EP-6 are used in the picture, one for PTP links and one for PtMP gear.  There is one PTP ePMP link and one ePMP sector.


Has anybody used the Edgepoint switches on a  tower, I had on mind to use iit on a 250ft tower, but my concern was if for some reason the switch gets locked up and I lose connectivity to the unit. My plan was to mount the  sector antenna s and run short cables to the edge switch  and from the base of the tower run the fiber and power to the switch, but wasn't to sure what if I lose connectivity or gets locked up and need to factory default. Will it mean that I have to somebody to climb all the way to reach and have it to physicallly rest it

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I'm not sure if there is a power-based reset routine you can do from the base of the tower but I haven't ever had to reset a unit  once deployed.  I don't have any of the edgepoint switches out in the field but have two dozen or so of the edgepoint routers out there.  

Either way though, on the switches as long as your sfp isn't dead you would be able to get into it from the ground once reset.  You could always run a console cable up the tower as well for ultimate access.

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I was looking at the switches and apparently theres a spot for a picostation unit which tells me you can connect to it wirelessly if the network goes down for whatever reason? Looks pretty neat. And you cant beat the price.

haven't used the edge point, but netonix has a 6 port POE switch thats 24 / 48 volt that is poe powered.... i've got 1 site with 2 of these top side   (4 epmp gps radios at 48v) on each switch.  both of these switches are POE powered from another netonix sw-12-250 on the ground.   a ping based watch dog cound be used in that situation.   I haven't had any trouble with these switches being used in that fashion, been in service for over a year now.     also those mini 6 port switches can be powered by a 1.5amp 48v brick instead of another switch.   works great. 

Hi, Ubiquiti edge switch work with force 180 and 200 reversing the pin 4 5 and 7 8  ? 100mb or giga ?

Thank you

Hello onetechct,

You should be able to use UBNT Passive PoE setting with either Force180 and Force200 without any other modification, and they should negotiate to GigE.


You have had experience connecting the ePMP3000 to the EPS16, what has been your experience?