Switching ePMP 3000 to Standard WiFi

Hello! I have a problem switching to “Standard WiFi” mode on a ePMP 3000 device. I switched the mode from TDD to Standard WiFi using the command line, but after a reboot, the wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode value returns to default again. And there is no Standard Wi-Fi mode. What can be done in this situation? I need to switch ePMP 3000 to this mode. I don’t need TDD.

Hello Illia,

Standard Wi-Fi mode is not officially supported on ePMP 3000.
Could you please elaborate a little bit on why you need it and we will try to advise the solution?

Thank you.

Hi! Thanks for the answer! Just the problem is that with the TDD configuration configured, my access point is not visible. There is no way for clients to see the access point with the SSID. And I thought it was a case of TDD mode, I needed Standard WiFi, but… as it turned out, this mode is not supported. Here’s the thing. Why can’t my access point be seen by clients? ((Mikrotik Sxt 5 ac)

Are your MikroTik SMs already elevated?

If you’re talking about the ePMP Elevate firmware for them, then no) I didn’t do it. Or maybe that’s the problem? Do I need to flash Mikrotik SM’s with Elevate firmware?

Yes, in case you’d like to have Mikrotik SMs connected to ePMP3000, then you have to use Elevate Firmware for them with version above 4.0.
Please be aware you’ll have to activate Elevate license on ePMP3000 to be able to connect more than 1 Mikrotik SM.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your help. Can I still buy an ePMP Elevate license? I heard they can’t be bought anymore.

(Updated) Licences for MT Elevate are available now and can be purchased through the official channels.

Thank you.

I’m sorry, but where can I find the manual for installing the Elevate firmware for MikroTik devices?

Here is the video manual. Hope it helps.

Thank you.