Switching the XV series APs

XV2-2 and XV2-2T are 2.5G uplinks.
XV3 has a 5G uplink.

I only see one switch from Cambium with 2.5G And No Sign of 5G.

What are you using for switching and power for these APs?

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Netgear work perfectly :+1:

This one?

Fo example. This one I had pleasure to test and it work perfectly with cambium staff.

Yeah they’re gonna have to release a 2.5/5G switch soonish.
They have submitted FCC docs for their WiFi 6e APs (XE3-4) and those things are gonna need big bandwidth.
I don’t want to deal with multiple disparate management planes.

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Recently, at one of the Cambium presentations, I asked this question. So - when will there be more switch with 2.5G-5G ports. In response, I heard “I don’t understand the question” :frowning:
So far, there is absolutely nothing on the horizon.

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Looks like 2.5

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That’s really disappointing.

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Correct the XE3-4 has one 2.5Gbps port as well as a 1Gbps port

We monitor the application needs and aggregate network throughput and are targeting higher density 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports in 2023. As we see aggregate network speeds increase, we’ll release faster Ethernet ports.

What aggregate network speeds do you see?

We are careful to match the application needs to avoid creating an over-expensive product. We want to exceed the application needs and prepare a bit for the future as device density increases and aggregate network throughput increases as a result of new Wi-Fi technology.

If you consider a typical network with consumer and enterprise client devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets), the aggregate network throughput on a single port using 802.11ac could not saturate a single 1 Gigabit per second port. With the OFDMA modulations and bi-directional MU-MIMO changes that come with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, we do see a real world case to exceed 1 Gbps. However, keep in mind that Wi-Fi 6 devices are still not dominant, and Wi-Fi6E devices are rare. We expect Wi-Fi 6 devices will be more than 50% of active network devices by 2023. It takes many years for the new technology to trickle into active use.

We prefer to put the engineering effort into features that reduce errors and speed up the network configuration process. Consider how the PBA (policy based automation) in the cnMatrix switches help to integrate the entire network of access ports and access points. This has real-world benefits that you can see today.


I put this in my cart at the distributor’s website…

Someone else clicked order now before I could get it.

I was looking at putting the cambium 60WATT POE injectors from this to WAPs.

The XV3-8 is speced as having a 5Gig LAN Port. So it seemed like the most reasonable way to drive some WAPs.

Swatted a fly with a shot gun.

Ordered a S+RJ10
If you sound it out… It’s exactly what it sounds like.
SFP+ plug to RJ45 that can do 10/100/1G/2.5G/5G/10G

Took the output of that, to the 60Watt Poe Injector I got from Cambium.

Now my test XV2-2 shows 2500 as the link speed.

My crs328-24p-4s+RM has 4 SFP+ ports… If I have 3 WAPs…

But it should be kept in mind that this could have been feed to the new XE5-8 with it’s 5G port.

(Still trying to figure out my switch predicaments.)


just following up on this, is there a switch that will utilize the 5Gbps connection on the new XE5-8?

Just got this one up and running this morning.