Symptoms of Bad Grounding on PtP

I’m reaching a bit on this question, but this is one of the best communities for wireless and the vendor we are using does not have anything like this.

We have a licensed PtP link on a tower along with 4 450M radios. Said PtP link was rock solid for a year and then suddenly dropped all traffic. No network changes and we ran through every avenue of potential interference. It was acting simply as a passthrough with a switch on either side and we have about five provider VLANs plus mgmt vlan that pass through it. It has inband management. If we peel every provider vlan off of the switch at the bottom we can gain management access, but as soon as we start adding provider vlans/traffic onto the PtP it drops off. We were so frustrated with this we actually put up another brand of unlicensed PtP and basically abandoned this nice licensed link we had.

We’ve run round and round with the manufacturer and feel we’ve exhausted everything. We changed management vlans, but the one we were originally using is used network wide and we would know if there was any type of broadcast storm/loop going on. Same thing with our provider VLANs, it would be very evident if there were a storm/loop going on because it would affect other parts of the network. They want us to go out of band management, but that is not how our network is designed and we would have to figure out equipment to be able to do this and just haven’t made that step since it is a mountain top.

Finally to my question… could bad grounding cause something like this? A loss of management when the PtP is loaded up with traffic. Our guys are great about installing, but I don’t know enough about the whole process to really know if this could be a symptom.

I highly doubt that this issue would be caused by grounding.

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I was really thinking the same thing, but grasping at straws of frustration and was reading some other posts about grounding on here.

this sounds like a radio programming issue.
I would consider a factory reset and possibly a firmware update to see if its just a bit of corruption.

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Factory reset and firmware update are excellent ideas from Douglas. Someone setting up a new PTP850 recently had a similar issue and after lots of troubleshooting and tech support, the final resolution was a reset to factory defaults and config from scratch.

I need to revisit all the troubleshooting we went through, but I know we replaced one of the units thinking it was a failing radio and pretty sure we factory defaulted the one that was left in place. It will be something we try to get our attention back on after winter and before fire season in that tiny window of time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There is a difference if you use the webpage factory reset vs the hardware reset options. One just wipes the config and places the default one in, the other clears everything and uses the base config built in firmware.

Also, have you tried changing firmware versions? sometimes you need to go backward to move forward. I know it makes no logical sense, but one thing I have learned over the years is that anything can go wrong with a firmware write that makes a small but troublesome change and you cant over-burn the same firmware thats currently on the radio.

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