Syn E400 get an error message

Hi All

I am new to this Cnmaestro

I went to syn the new E400 and got this and can not find how to fix it

Invalid character in hostname/IP address

If any one can help me do this or fix would be great


Hi Anthony,

Hostname filed supports the following characters:

  • a-z
  • A-Z
  • 0-9
  • _


Please execute the below step to fix the issue.   This issue will be resolved in the next release.

  1. Navigate to the device level configuration page
  2. Make a trivial change to the device name
  3. Save the change
  4. (Optional) if you need to keep a specific name format, change the name back after saving and save again.
  5. Sync the device

The following rules should be observed when setting the name for this procedure.  

  • Only characters allowed: alpha-numeric, hyphen ( - ), period ( . )
  • The last character cannot be a hyphen ( - )
  • 64 character limit

hI, I have same issue, but this instruction not run to me, any other solution ?