Sync Configuration

Hi, I have 2 E410 on a mesh configuration. I can see both on CnMaestro but the Sync Configuration button is not pushed. What is it for? Is it necessary?


Could you please share the screen shot? it would be easy to clarify. I guess cloud configuration is not matching with the device configuration. 

Here it is.

If you click on "SYNC Configuration", it will navigate to page where SYNC status is displayed of all APs which are not in SYNC.

Select AP's which are not in SYNC and then click SYNC Now, which will update configuration as per AP Group assigned and configured.

My questions are still unsolved...

Based on your question I believe you have already pre configured everything on the mesh AP of yours directly accessing the AP GUI/CLI. If you may have noticed the cnMaestro too has options to configure the same and push it to the devices and thats where the sync configurations comes into play. You make any configuration change on the configuration tab under any WLAN or AP group templates and then you map these to the device and push it to them using apply config buttons. Sometimes the configuration push or you may say the sync fails or there is a configuration change done directly on the AP then it will show up the configuration is out of sync and one can use this "Sync" option to push the configuration again and overwrite that on the AP. Also there is an auto sync configuration option which automatically pushes the configuration whenever you make any config change through cnMaestro, it also shows up an alert message under auto sync feature that any apply/save will push the configuration to all mapped devices.

I hope I have answered your original question on the use of sync button.

You’re correct, I really did all configurations by wired connection. Now I am afraid of pushing configuration pressing Sync button, I lose everything I did.

I see that devices are not mapped to any AP group, you need to create an AP group and WLAN profiles matching your AP configuration before pushing it to APs.

I really don't know how to do that. And I am not sure about doing so because that configuration, including claiming the unit was done by the Cambium Support.


Please drop an email to, I will have one of my team member to assist you.

Please share me the techsupport files of both Mesh base and Mesh Client AP's to my email id

I will suggest you configuration steps to configure WLAN's and AP group and how to push the config from CnMaestro.