Sync Issue via Cambium Cloud


I’m trying to push a config update to E600 V4.2.3.r2 but when attempting to sync the devices the Access points disconnect from the local network and the sync fails.

I am connected to the site via vpn and running pings to the local IP of the access point.

When i select sync configuration against the device, the ping drops and the access point loses connection to the controller

I lose access to the device for 10-15 mins before it re-connects but with error device timed out.

Sync status
Device out of sync : Device’s mapped AP/NSE/Switch Group updated

Cambium devices, when determining that the set configuration does not provide access to the cloud, restore the last known working configuration. This takes exactly about 10 minutes.
Something is wrong with your network settings, which is causing the problem of disconnecting the device :slight_smile:

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Makes sense, however it’s a cloned site, 1 of 6.

Config the same across all 6!

I’ll reach out to support. :slight_smile:

In that case, there is probably something in the failing site (WAN, Firewall, Router) that is different and preventing the connection.

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I did think along those lines but surely that’s conflicting?

If we have a firewall issue, then surely it wouldn’t operate when falling back to the last working configuration.

Simple set up, WLAN using PSK on VLAN 1!

In the most common case, this happens when the AP gets isolated because the switch port it is connecting to is trunked and not servicing the expected vlan. In your case, it seems like a simple setup. So it is puzzling me also. please raise a support ticket.
Did you pull the working config out of the AP when it connects back to see if there is any difference from other site’s APs?


Could this be an issue?

“system hw-reset” isn’t showing in the config on the site that is failing.

Ah no the “system hw reset” is just a difference in firmware versions. I upgraded the working site AP to match the non working and it now shows the system hw reset.


I re-cloned an AP group of a working site & moved the devices across, all working now! :slight_smile: