Sync Options for 450i

What is the least expensive option for sync on the 450i 900mhz?


Cambium provides a couple of options for you.  CMM4 can be used when multiple 450i are at a specific tower site.  Alternatively, the UGPS device can be used to provide sync to 1 or 2 PMP 450i APs. 

The UGPS is a less expensive option.

There are also several third party devices that exist to provide sync, and some of them will work with the PMP 450i AP.

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So I started reviewing the ugps option and want to be sure I understand it fully. The ugps unit would sit near the ap/sector antenna. is the ugps  is powered by the aux port on the 450i  then the ugps has 2 timing ports. I am not understanding how the cabling would connect my 2 aps is U use the aux port on the 450i, Is there a diagram for using the ugps with 2  450i ap's 

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Yep... see this post in the Knowledge Base.

Both cables from 450i AUX to the UGPS would be the same.  The UGPS would use one of them to power itself (set both of them to power the UGPS, and the device will choose one... sort of a redundancy, which won't harm anything).

So the center port on the ugps does not get used, only the 2 timing ports. 

Correct.  The center port is only to provide input power to the UGPS in the case of using legacy radios (e.g. PMP 100) that do not support powering the device via the outer ports.