sync pipe switch

Hi all,

Well we were finally able to get our hands on some sync pipes and I’m wondering if there are any particular pit falls we should be prepared for in switching over to hw sync from sw sync using them.

We currently have 1 30Meg BH link between our main feed site to a tower that has 2 remote sites off of it. The main feed tower also links to 2 other tower sites with single AP’s fed by SM’s. We will be changing those out to 5.7 BH’s very shortly.

I’m thinking that until we get the 5.7’s in place we should be able to use a sync pipe at the main feed BH and one on the BH at the site feeding the 2 remote sites to pass sync to all the sites.

I’m wondering if we can actually accomplish it with a single sync pipe at the site feeding the remotes with the 30 meg BH there set as master and the one at our main feed set to slave and pass sync to the other sites by received signal.

Your feed back is always appreciated.