Sync PTP links using ePMP Force 300-25 and a ePMP Force 425

Hi, I am designing a networks site with a tower that have five PTP link using ePMP 300-25. Four of these links run almost in the same direction and the other link is for the ePMP425. SO, I will have five PTP link in the same tower. Is there a way to sync tx/rx with the same GPS pulse? What Cambium Network recommend in this scenario to avoid self interferences?

Thank you for your help.

Mount them with the largest possible physical distance that the tower and directions allow.

Since you have Force 300-25 at the remote ends, you could change the network tower equipment to ePMP 3000L’s, which are connectorized, and are GPS sync’d. Use a 25 dBi gain antenna on each one, essentially building the same PTP system, but it would be synchronized. For the Force 425, you can use a ePMP 4600L and use the same type of dual polarity parabolic antenna. Run everything in TDD mode, with the same DL/UL split. This might cost you some capacity, but you would be able to manage the noise floor of your links. You would need a good channel plan, but you would not need as much separation on the tower as you would with no synchronization.
To use the Force 300-25’s at your network tower, you would need to use a carefully crafted channel plan, use as narrow channels as you can get away with, as low power as you can get away with, and as mentioned, use as much vertical separation as you have tower height just to manage your own noise floor.
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Hello @juliochavarriac,

how much traffic do you need to push over F325 links?
As @DaveClelland suggests, if they are on the same direction, it can be easier to use one AP.
If traffic is high it can be 3000 or 3000L. But if it is low even one F325 can do the job as AP.