Synchronisation problem between cnMaestro and cnPilot (E500 and E400)

Hi Dear all,

Can you please help me, I am a new to cnMaestro.

I set up a cnPilot E500 and a cnPilot E400 and onboarded them on cnMaestro.

cnMaestro shows that the devices where successfully onboarded and they are online but when I change the settings on cnMaestro, it doesn't synchronise with the devices. 

In the status, it shows the message "Not In Sync: Failed to push configuration to device"


Thanks in advance for your help.

What is the firmware running on the device?
And can you see the detailed error in the jobs page why it failed to push the config.

Hi Rupam,

thanks for the reply.

The version of the firmware running on the device is 3.1.4-r3.

When I look on the details of the failed job, I see the message  Error: power level not supported

I also attached a print screen for more details.


Can you please update AP with latest firmware (3.6) and then do config push from cnMaestro and make sure power level you are setting is above 4?

Hi Rupam,

thanks a lot for your reply,

I updated the firmware on the cn E500 and the cn E400.

the cn E500 is now synchronising properly but the cn E400 is giving the error country_code:Country not supported on this sku

How can I deal with this error ?

Thanks again for the help.

If you are using cloud, please invite or email me tech-support of e500 AP.

You can check for list of countries supported from device UI and verify the AP group in cnMaestro is pushing the right country.

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Hello Rupam,

I am having the same issue with my E-410s, i have 40 of these Units installed and i cant manage them from the cloud because of this same error:

“Configuration failed: country_code:Country not supported on this sku”

What is the best country to choose to allow for cnmaestro cloud management?

Thank you.

Hi @Oisaghie_Omokhagbon,

That depends on the SKU of your e410s. Some SKUs support different sub-sets of available country codes.

Log in to one of your devices via its web UI, navigate to Configure > System and check the list of countries in the Country-Code drop down. This list is what country codes may be accepted by your devices.