I am extending my network using and SM~AP; like this:
I have done the sync cable from the SM to the AP and make the AP received sync from timing port; I would like to know the best config for the “frame timing” Enable or disable on the SM
Most of the time the AP1 goes off and when i reboot the SM connecting to it, then AP1 and the SM registering to it come up;
Any idea.

Worried Bruno

If I’m understanding you correctly, the SM you are using to syn’c your remote AP is linking to the wrong place (ie the remote AP). You can solve this by assigning a color code to the Ap’s and SM’s forcing them to link accordingly. Keep in mind you’ll need vertical separation and probably wont be able to overlap the channels (I’ve had no luck yet using same freq yet).

Beware: You’ll have some down time because you have to change all the SM’s BEFORE the AP or you’ll end up at every customers house for a config change.

On the “frame timing” I remember just following the manual on that one. Seems it was do not propagate is sync is lost.