Syncpipe&Syncinjector vs. CMM

Anyone see issues mixing timing sources? We have CMM’s installed at two main sites and are expanding and filling holes with new AP’s at different locations. We have purchased syncpipes and syncinjectors. Setting for each AP is by the manual (control slots, max range, diff freqs…ect) I am wondering if syncpipes and CMM will work together?

I wonder this too, we have a single AP site we are currently going to burn a whole CMM on.

Sync Pipe, CMM, Last Mile CTM, all produce the same timing sync. Mix and match at will.


Syncpipe is the cheapest right?

Where can I buy it?

you can buy the syncpipes direct from Forrest, who makes them

- Paul

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syncpipe parasitic is sweet for a single AP POP

if the cable run is short, whats to stop a guy from wiring up a full cluster in parrallel through the timing ports fed from one syncpipe?

The output of the syncpipe is not designed to be split more than a couple of ways. you can run 2-3 AP’s off one syncpipe, but after that you’ll want to use the syncsplitter.

I like it because you can use the switch of your choice.