Syncrhonization for PTP backhaul

May I know if the cnMatrix switch TX2K with cnPulse is used to replace the cnPulse with CMM5 to provide synchronization?

If there are 4 nos. PTP450i ODU co-located at the same location, is it required to use 1 x cnPulse and 1 x cnMatrix TX2K switch to synchronize the 4 nos. PTP50i ODU?

Hello Tony,

That is absolutely correct; you’ll be able to provide cnSync to your PTP 450i’

You can use a GPS antenna connected to the SMA port on the front of TX2K or a cnPulse device to provide CambiumSync. Though both the SMA Port and cnPulse are enabled by default, the power on the cnPulse port is disabled by default because it uses Passive 5v on the RJ11 port at the front of the TX2K.

To enable cnPulse power
#config terminal
#cn-sync cnpulse power
#do copy running-config startup-config

To enable cnPulse on an switchport
#config terminal
#interface range gi 0/1-8
#cn-sync output
#do copy running-config startup-config

Checks you can do
#show cn-sync
#show cn-sync statistics both

If you’re having some issues try
#debug cn-sync source cnpulse power-cycle