System_Firmware_Recovery messages

Last night I got to see a full on melt down.

All sorts of odd things…

But the one that is new… this message in the logs.

Firmware recovery reason [Detected firmware stall state] cause [flood of back pressure events] action [reload configuration]

What does that mean?


Checked another site with the same firmware…

Same message on one of the WAPs.

Reply from support says that newest firmware auto detects this. Updating now.

I’ve the same thing happening to a bunch of XV2-2, they are all on 6.5.3-r8, what is the reason for such messages and which firmware fixes it ?


I was advised to use Been running it for a almost 3 weeks now.

Great thanks for the reply. I checked the release notes of, seems to be a big list of unresolved known bugs, let me wait for a recommended stable version, do not wan’t to mess up production network.