System Reboot - Configuration Fallback


After some advise please.  We're in the process of a large rollout across 35 sites, using approx 180 E500 and 100 Force 180s etc for backhaul.  we're using a mesh setup on sites, with 2 or 3 Bases and 3-4 Mesh clients.

We build the equipment in the office, pushing all configs via cnMaestro, but have noticed a few times that when the engineers go to site to install the access points, some of the mesh clients dont mesh. Typically we will see the following error in the logs of these devices "System Reboot - Configuration Fallback"

Can anyone shed any light please on what this error means ( or more spcecifically why it occurs ? 



"System Reboot - Configuration Fallback" is seen whenever there is failure of cnMaestro reconnection after a configuration update from cnMaestro.

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