System >> Software Update Filter issue/feature request

When I try to filter the routers listed in the Software Update area some of the filters work and some do not.

The Devices Filter works as expected, I can type in a string and any devices that match it are kept while others are eliminated.

The Current Version filter does not work as expected (or it seems too well). When I try to filter by software version I can select one of the software versions available or type in my own string. No matter what I type I am forced to select a software version and neither sofware version 4.5-R7 or 4.4.2-R2 will leave any of the devices in the list. (See attached photos for examples.) I also can't search for just "R7" or "2-R2" I am forced to pick a full firmware version to filter with, I would prefer to have a full string search with the option for the auto complete if I click it or w/e.

So I guess if we could get the filters working and also allow any string to be inputted into the Current Version filter (so I could just list all of the devices according to whatever I was searching for) I would be happiest, but just being able to filter by firmware version would be fine.

Hi ,

Thanks for giving the feedback. The filter issue is fixed in 2.3.0 and for the string search and auto complete filed an internal jira for tracking .