T1/E1 Mux

Hi Alls,

I have configuration like this below :

Router 1–(E1)–Mux1–BHM–BHS–Mux2–(E1)–Router 2

Router 1 set as Master Clock
Router 2 set as Slave Clock
Mux1 set as Loopback timing mode
Mux2 set as Recovered timing mode

Is my configuration true?
I read on T1/E1 Mux User Guide that Mux that attach to Master Clock must be set loopback timing mode and Mux that attach to Slave Clock must be set as recovered timing mode.

But why the connection still down? (status on router is physical up n protocol down).
All LED is up and nothing error alarm at both Mux.
I test with PC that attach to LAN port on Mux, everything is ok
I removed Canopy n Mux and test using backtoback E1, everything is ok

Please Advice