Tagging VLAN through CMMs and Backhauls?

Our situation is as follows:

We need to provide network connectivity to a power plant via a backhaul link. Currently it’s being fed via a T1, and is on a 10.58.x.x network.

The Backhaul Master is on a tower near one of our datacenters, and is plugged into a CMM with a cluster of 6 Access Points.

The Access points are on the 10.200.x.x network, as is the datacenter and the CMM.

Is it possible to tag a VLAN from one of our core switches, through the CMM, through the backhaul link, and to the remote power plant?

How does the CMM function in this? Is it a dumb hub, or does it do any switching?
Is this even possible, seeing as how both sides are on different networks?

I apologize if my explaination isn’t very clear, as I’m still a bit confused on the configuration myself. Thank you

I’ve attached a picture of what I’m talking about.
Actually this is a slightly modified scenario. In the picture, I have put two CMMs on our main tower. One CMM is on the 10.58.x.x network, and is fed from one of our core switches. The other CMM is for the Access points only, and is on the 10.3.x.x network.

I am wondering if I can get away with what is in the picture, but with only one CMM.

Can I have both the 10.58.x.x and the 10.3.x.x networks running into the feeder port of our CMM? How does the CMM handle tagged VLANs?


IP’s in radios are for management only. They are separate from the network running across it and as such have no effect on your VLANs.

CMM’s just pass VLAN’s along. CMMmicros can tag traffic if configured to do so.

BH’s will pass your VLAN along as well however; unlike an SM a BHS cannot tag ingress traffic.

I think this is what you want:

Plant VLAN100 --> BHS --> BHM/AP’s --> CMM --> Switch --> Router --> WAN

Router configuration is a separate issue that I can’t help you with

Ok, so slightly related question.
Do I need a CMM at all for this backhaul link?
Can I plug my Backhaul directly into the switch?

Is the BH in the same band as the AP’s? if yes, the it needs to be in sync witht the AP’s. If no then it can generate its own sync.

No, the Backhauls are independent of the Access Points.

There will be a backhaul master on the tower with the 6 APs, and a backhaul slave at our power plant.

Neither of these need to be plugged in to a CMM?

what band are the AP’s, and what band is the BH?

I think I’ve got it figured out.
The Backhaul is 2.4 GHz and the Radios are 5.x GHz. (don’t remember the exact band)

Then you “could” have the BH Master generate it’s own sync.

It would be better if you gave it a port on the CMM. Later if you add another BH, or put up another tower with BH’s your radios will already be in sync.

Well that’s sort of my problem… There is a port available on the CMM for this backhaul, but in order to this the CMM would have to be able to handle VLAN tagging, since the backhaul is on a different broadcast network than the CMM and the other radios.

Backhaul is on the 10.58.x.x network and the CMM and radios is on 10.3.x.x