Target all SMs on a single AP for configuration job

I would like to create a new template for ePMP SM's (to update the WPA key), but target all SM's on a particular AP instead of having to create a configuration job/run for each SM.  Is this possible?  When I select the AP, it doesn't allow me to pick the template that I created since I selected 'SM' when creating the template.

Yes, you can do this.  When creating a configuration job, navigate to a level higher than the AP like the tower, network or system level.  Clicking the AP directly will only show its device configuration page. 

Navigating to a higher level will show the AP with a triangle expand icon that you can click to show all SMs under an AP.  Find the AP in the list and click the expand icon.  Then you can click the checkbox at the top of the column to select all SMs under that AP.

Got it, thank you!

Ok - so the operation failed.  I was trying to update the 'wirelessInterfaceEncryptionKey' property.  Since modifying this property will cause the SM to disconnect from the AP, is it even posible to do this?  The property did not get changed on the SM, and the operation failed.


I am attempting to reproduce this issue and have contacted our engineers regarding this.

Please send me an email at jordan.stipati [at] so I can contact you directly.

Hi Josh,

I went through the process of updating "wirelessInterfaceEncryptionKey" on an SM in our lab.  I was able to get a failure by making the encryption key too short.  See below.  After changing the key to be longer it updated successfully. The key only updated on the device web UI after refreshing the browser.

Below is the template I used.  Please email me the template you are using, with sensitive data removed, and a screenshot of the failure error shown by the SMs.

		"templateName":	"",
		"templateDescription":	"",
		"device_type":	"",
		"version":	"2.6-RC7"
		"wirelessInterfaceEncryptionKey":	"new_key_extra_long"

Something to note: if you are updating both the AP and SMs in a single job be sure to have "SMs first and then AP" selected.  Otherwise the sector would become isolated if the AP is changed first.

I just sent you an email with details.