TDD 2.5ms frames and 5/10MHz channel widths

Hello there! Are there any plans to support 5/10MHz channel widths while using TDD 2.5ms frames? Both of these channel widths would be very useful to have while using the lower latency 2.5ms frame mode. Thanks!

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+1 from me too. :wink:

Hi Eric, ninedd, 

At the moment we don't have any immediate plans to implement 5/10 MHz using 2.5ms frame. But we've noted your interest on this. 



I would like to see this too. I don't care so much about 5mhz channels, but there are times when I would like to run an AP on a 10mhz channel, but because we have everything standardized on 2.5ms now, I can't do that and keep everything synced unless I change everything in the area to 5ms (which I wouldn't want to do anyway).

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Thanks Mathew. 5/10 MHz are non standard channel widths for the Atheros SoC. Hence why it is something we have to implement rather than reuse what exists on the chipset, especially when you want it on a proprietary MAC implementation such as ePMP's TDD .


Is the 10MHz channel for the 5GHz FCC models working?

Using the TDD 2.5ms time frame.  I had to change an AP temporarily to the 10MHz in order for a Force 180 to connect.  It connected.  But the AP will not change frequency.   There is an asterisks (*) next to channel that says to select a Country.  But a Country is already selected, i.e. United States.

Should I be using the 5ms time slot in order to select a frequency? 


Yes, you will have to use 5ms frame size for 5/10 MHz channel. 

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OK.  Thanks.