TDMoIP on 450i

Hello folks, 

I cannot afford  a se t of 650+Idus etc to run 4 E1 over a 80 km wireless link , so I was wondering if any one could guide me on this....Can I connect an IPMux pseudowire box from Rad at each end of a ptp450i link?

i know Rad is not cambium but it is possible to get some Rad boxes from ebay for less than 800 and 450i radios seem to be really great for therir price too.

Any help would be appreciated before throwing away my piggy bank.


Com on Guys some one who got a lot of experience in this please give me hint.


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. We use them right now for a Motorola NTS voice system. They used to work just fine over PTP400 and 600 links, and now on PTP800 links. Just make sure you get your buffer settings right.

Thank you acherman, I just wanna make sure that every thing is gonna work just fine cause after buying this stuff I  won't have any money left to corretc my mistakes. 

Any one else using this kind of set up?


Worst case shoot me a note and I can send you some settings to try.

Sweet acherman, i think i made up my mind and gonna buy those ebay bargains and give it a try. Thanks for giving me the confidence I needed to do it.