Tech Support on Prism

Has anyone had experience with the techsupport from Motorola on Prism. Is it better to call or email. Generally, I find email better than being on hold for minutes to hours, but I have not had a response in 3.5 days…

All my new SM’s are in the Management state “accepting.” No matter what I do, they do not become “managed” The first two registered as “managed” but the next four do not… What the heck am I doing wrong? I have been agonizing over this issue for more than a week.

Fortunately, these are my first six SM’s and are in a lab or in a controlled external setting.

Thanx in advance for any help.

I am scheduling the Prism training for Nov. or Dec. Is there any comment on the day 5 of 5 training???


I got through pretty quickly and felt that I was talking to a knowledgable tech. I’d give them a call if you need to.

As for the entries in Prizm, they will stay in “Accepting” until the next registration attempt, at which time they will be pushed the required SNMP settings and rebooted. After that reboot, they should register and then fall through to “Managed” and you should be fine.

I sweated for a while on that one too, now I enter the MACs into Prizm and make sure they get to “Accepting”. If I have time, I’ll configure the radios at my desk before we go out to install. If not, I just config them in the field. I’ve not had one yet fail to register in the field. <crosses fingers, knocks on wood, etc.>

Hope that helps!


My issue is a little different. I installed Prizm about 2 weeks ago and everything was working well. I don’t do the element discovery and all, my boss does. He called me two days ago and said that discovered elements don’t move to the managed elements window even after Prizm confirms that it was successfully moved.

I checked it out and it’s true. Prizm discovers the elements but when we accept them for mangement, Prizm said that they have been accepted and that they have moved but we don’t see them under the managed element window. I checked the elements i.e SMs to see if it had been accessed by Prizm or rebooted and they had.

Any clue?

I’m clue-free. Probably time to call Moto…

ok man,

I rather email them, some of moto techs don’t help at all. I sent a mail this afternoon and they said that I should set the logging level to debug, try to manage and accept a few elements and send them my log files.

I intend to do a full vacuum on the postgresql prizm database and see what happens. Thanks for your help.