TEDx Zagreb connects with cnPilot

Recent TEDx Zagreb event in Croatia , Build.Future.Now http://tedxzagreb.com/tedxzagreb2017/  was organized in Vatroslav Lisinki concert hall in Zagreb, Croatia  with idea of creating a positive  environment with speakers and participants who will inspirely look forward to the future.  Organizator initiated the gathering of an inspirational audience  and encourage them to think about the future and create positive intentions for the event. The odd echo of this innovative approach and the maximum good inspirational result told that idea was  on the right track gathering more than 1000 people in a hall.

We had in total 15 Access Points combined conference hall with hallways.

Combination was cnPilot E500 outdoor and cnPilot E400 indoor 802.11ac dual band Access Points.

cnMaestro Cloud was used for configuration and monitoring during the event presenting valuable information on network performance and network usage. 

We had balanced connected clients across the access points in the event space.

Majority (70%) of clients were connected on 5 GHz. Each AP had assigned it's own 5 GHz channel 20 MHz size.