Teleklik WISP - Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Teleklik is one of the leading providers of Internet services and network solutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina based in Banja Luka, and business solutions are optimized for small and medium businesses. Teleklik provides its customers with cloud services as well as a wide range of other solutions in the field of information communication technologies. Optical network of other providers is very competitive, and Teleklik has chosen top-notch Cambium Networks wireless broadband access solutions.


Provide reliable wireless connections for business users, symmetric 50/50 Mbps internet access and 50/25 Mbps asymmetric capacity per user. Cell size up to 15 km air distance. The solution must be reliable for providing a primary and redundant Internet service.


The biggest challenge was the level of disturbance that Teleklik created to itself by excessive number of radio devices by location as well as interference from other sources of interference at the same locations. Unreliable upgrades, low capacities on links in point-to-point configurations and base stations of other manufacturers also made it more difficult to ensure quality service and revenue growth.


Teleklik has chosen the Cambium Networks ePMP2000 Fixed Broadband Access Solution that enables high level spectral efficiency, high capacity point-to-point configuration (PMP), network growth capability by increasing number of base stations without disturbing themselves by using synchronization of communication (receiving and sending traffic) of the combined radio equipment and the use of lesser spectrum quantities at larger channel widths.





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