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Hello all,

We would love to hear your feedback on cnArcher, especially for folks who have tried it with real installs.

1. How do you like it?

2. Are you able to complete the install without using a laptop to login to the SM GUI?

3. Does cnArcher provide you will the information you need to confirm successful installation? If not, what is missing?

4. Does it fit your  workflow of installing an SM? If not, what would you like changed?

5. Did you use the PowerLINK battery pack to power up the SM and Wi-Fi? Does it meet your needs? If not, what would you like changed?


When are you going to have it for ePMP radios?

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ePMP support will be available in March June, 2018.


thanks a lot 

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Given that we started yesterday to use it, i would like to have a "Quick Alignment" for already installed SM. i.e. in these days we had a lot of wind here and some SMs went out of alignment, and it would be great to use "LinkTechs PowerLINK device" and cnArcher to quick re-align the SM. Maybe a quick link to alignment, the APP ask for IP of SM (suggesting the last one or the default one), user and password (using default or the ones set in settings) and the display signal, SNR, ecc..

Thank You


Great idea... kind of a shortcut to just the alignment of the device.

@Usseglio Gaudi Francesco wrote:

Given that we started yesterday to use it, i would like to have a "Quick Alignment" for already installed SM.

A "Quick Align" mode is being actively worked on. It will be available in v1.1. Look for beta in early April. It will allow you to jump directly to the alignment screen and do link test. This mode will be available when it sees that the SM is already connected to an AP.


The app functions as an excellent installation wizard and I am very impressed with the progress made thus far. Great job! A few more features would be warranted in order for the app to completely replace my dependency on web gui management for me personally. A quick manual color code change, a quick alignment tab, and a quick live view of the ethernet stats page.

When we have overlay projects I manually enter color codes to 10 radios at a time in my truck then all I have to do is swap SMs at the host site and quickly align. This app would greatly enhance my work efficiency and time if it could offer that capability.

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For "manual color code change", is the intent to skip "AP evaluation" since you already know the color code, or to skip all configuration but manually setting the color code? In the second case, you would need to start with the SM already pre-configured with scan list, authentication etc.

If you touch the status area near the top, you will see details about the SM including Ethernet status. It will show you the speed/duplex, IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS server. Is this sufficient or are you looking for more?

All of my radios are being shipped from our warehouse with 15.0.3 loaded and the app only works with 15.1.1 or newer. It took A LOT more work than it should have just to get it to where it would update the software and then after one failure (unsure of the cause) the update software just hangs at "Uploading image to SM" and never updates anything. Is there a way to get around that?/ I've uninstalled/reinstalled rebooted in the middle cleared data installed different versions of the app and ALL end up with the same result.

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Can you please use the "Report a bug" option from the menu to send us the logs for analysis?


In reference to your firmware updates hanging. I had that happen a few times during my 130 device upgrade. I did them slow to, just to be sure. I had two that would hang for over a day. I tried a lot of things as well, from cancelling to rebooting to kicking off period and re-onboarding and none of that worked. It eventually just finished, One took about 18 hours the other about 3. Was very frustrating, but good once they all finished.  

Please NOTE: This was not through the app, This was using the newer feature in CnMaestro to push the Firmware updates. 

I will highlight this to the cnMaestro team, as well as the 450 team to see if we can figure anything out.  Obviously, we don't want software updates taking hours or days to complete.

Hey there,

I wanted to see if there were any alternatives to the Link Technology Power Link devices for providing PoE and a wifi interface to the radios for cnArcher to communicate with.  We purchased the higher capacity 15W models and they seem to only realistically operate for around 2.5 hours (with power cycling, etc) before falling over dead, and take around 8 hours to charge back up.  Additionally, being a provider from Ohio, we have concerns about the lack of a ruggedized enclosure on these devices which appear quite vulnerable to water/weather intrusion, slight drops, temperature fluctuations, et cetera. 

We are really excited by what the cnArcher app is already able to do and the pace of feature development, but feel that this third party component is going to be holding us back from really being able to harness the application at scale like we want to.




There is a newer version available at It has a bigger battery and wall charger for faster charging. Cost is quite a bit higher at $350.

I am interested in hearing feedback from other folks who have tried the PowerLink device.

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Hey there,

I sat down with my installers who have been using this the last several weeks to get their feedback.  I'll omit the comments about the LinkPower device since I've already posted those and get straight into the App features themselves.

1) Installation->Alignment portion: is it possible to add the modulation to the display?  Other than that it's quite responsive and handy.

2) Configuration Import/Export: the QR code mechanism is cute, but it's tedious when you're frequently switching bands, especially out in the field in inclement weather and variable lighting (or on a tower for that matter).  Is it at all possible to add a feature to save configuration profiles locally and be able to load them as well?  Or to add global configs available for download as a synced feature through cnmaestro?

3) Is it possible to save a 'golden config' in the app to blow onto radios?  Similar to the above, but including some additional parameters like a base IP/VLAN, etc that the field techs don't have to manually enter every time.




Jacob, we use u-installer with custom config and external battery (>5Ah and QC3.0) in soho router mode. works good for us.


1. Add support for elevated devices

My technicians uses only Cambium now, but they must have different devices for Mikrotik elevated devices and they are using cnArcher for Cambium devices. One app to rule them all. Rescan on wireless via web gui just doesn't work every time.

2. cnMaestro connection

App sometimes have difficulties with switching to mobile and wifi networks. Just sometimes doesn't switch at right time. Then disable mobile network or wifi or... You get the point.

3. Skip button on cnM connection

If cnM connection isn't available at time, give us opportunity to press 'SKIP' button, not to wait for connection

4. Define in cnM what technicians can do

I want to skip some steps (like adding template) because we're doing that in some other way. 

Give us ability to give or forbid actions for technicians which is available to him when app is working in cnM mode. To give or forbid every cnM action.

5. Closest AP's

Great. But 3 isn't enough. Let us define in cnM how much and how far will we show.

Add compass - tel arrows turn as we turning mobile phone. Isn't perfect, but it'll give some sort of direction.

Give us map with current location and AP's around us on map. How far and how many AP's we'll see on map, look at first sentence.

6. Scan list problem

When I'm using app in cnM mode, I get only frequencies that are available in my network to reduce scan time.

Great, but... Why are this freqencies written to SM? Leave SM frequencies alone. Left full spectrum. Or give us choice in settings or via cnM.

Thats for now. Chears. :)

More things to say...

7. Boot scan-list

Why don't you show as scan list that device already scanned during boot-up? In most cases the SM is pointed in right direction. I'll need scanning only when there is no AP needed, usually is.On browser I get list of AP's as soon as I can log in into SM. 

On browser I get device configured as I need in 1 minute. 

When device boot up I connect to it via browser. Pick ap preferred AP from list, add password. Go to Network and change Network mode to NAT. Reboot. Done.

With app I need 5+ minutes fore same thing. 

Everything else I do via API to cnM - sending config file, upgrade, approve... Like it should be.

8. Reconnecting device to AP

Maybe not strictly related to App but suggestion.

When we change something which needs wireless to reconnect, why not try last frequency first? SM was already connected to AP on some frequency, and if there is no AP then do full scan. Same thing when SM drops from AP normally (there can be lots of reason of which one is changing AP frequency), but try first last frequency, then do full scan.

It will reduce reconnecting time dramatically in most cases.

Maybe to give us this as option on SM?

9. Control the BACK button on phone

Sometimes I accidentally press the back button. And sometimes I need to start all over again.

On SCAN is really pain in the ass. Also on writing config to SM. If I press back during SM went to reboot phase, I need to write config again to finish install. Forbid or ask if we want to go back on that sort of steps.

10. Keep screen on all the time

It’s just annoying to keep pressing screen to keep it ON. When app is running, keep it ON all the time.

It's great that you are giving effort to make app better but…

Focus on what we really needs from App. Scan-Connect-Align. But as simply as it can be.

After that, give as more and more options, but keep it clear. Allow us to customize what we really need.

Really, I only need scan/connect/align. Everything else is much easier via laptop or cnM/API.

Other functions are nice to have, but no crucial. Especially when you have lots of technicians. You want to keep it simple as possible.


@pospanko, Lots of good ideas here. We will lok at each of them. Can you confirm if you are using ePMP, PMP, or both? You mention ePMP Elevate, so I assume ePMP.

Switching the connection betwen cellular and Wi-Fi is a long standing issue. We have tried to address it, but different versions of Android and different phones behave differently. 

If cnMaestro is not reachable, the app should allow you to defer the onboarding. We will check why this is not working. Can you confirm you are running the latest version (v1.3.10)? The version number is visible at the bottom of the menu.