Templates for R200 series cnPilot


I seem to be missing the ability to create a template for the R200 series (or any R series) cnPilot routers on cnMaestro. If I go to Templates and Add Template I only have options for ePMP or PMP. When I view the templates I can filter for only R series devices. Am I missing something here?

Also, if I view the configuration of my device I can download it, but cannot save it as a template which seems to be the easiest way to create the template. There's no "Save as Template" button.

Edit: When looking a bit further into this from youtube videos (for older versions) I tried to create the template, however, I see when I download the existing config it is NOT in json format so saving the config and loading into a template doesn't seem to work.



Hi ,

Templates are removed for wifi devices . In order to push the config files to the cnPilot R series devices please use the

Profile based configuration.

In order to push the configuration you need to create a WLAN profile first and then attach it to a AP Group and then should push this AP group to the device. For reference you can refer the default Home WLAN and default Home AP Groups  in Configuration->WLAN and AP Groups page.

The WLAN and AP Groups can be created from Configuration->WLAN and AP Groups page.

The AP Group can be pushed to device by selecting the deivce in the tree and then going to Manage-> configuration page.

Please refer the following KB article for more details




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Hi - Is it not possbile then to change a single field in a R200/201 series that is at customer location now?  Eg.  I want to change their 2.4 ghz channel from 1 to 11 but do not want to write a whole new AP group / wlan template to it and wipe out their existing settings.


Hi Scott,

You can change the channel in overrides.

Here are more details: https://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnMaestro/AP-Groups-and-Overrides-for-Wi-Fi-devices/td-p/71173


We are working on possible ways to allow the configuration of single fields without specifying the full configuration within AP Groups/WLANs.  Currently, the full configuration must be specified using AP Groups/WLANs.  As mentioned previously, it is possible to enter device-unique overrides using User-Defined Overrides.