Templates suck. But, I need some help

We are trying to elevate some radios. How do we go about making a template that will let us just switch to TDD mode for current cambium radios running in wifi mode? Is it just as simple as changing one "variable" field. Or will there be more that need to be met in order to make the radio switch properly.

My general thought is to just set a variable for tdd mode, and call it good. But I imagine that will be wrong, and cause a lot of problems.

The process for creating your own configuration template  is:

  1. On a test device configure the parameters you are interested in setting with values that will be easy to search for. This can be done directly on the device web UI.
  2. Export the device configuration. Via cnMaestro this is done by navigating to Configure -> Devices, selecting the device in the left-hand tree and then clicking the View Device Configuration link. This can also be done via the device web GUI, typically in the Administration or Operations section where there will be an Export button for configuration.
  3. View the configuration file in a text editor like Notepad++ and search for the values you entered in step 1. You can also search for the parameter name to try to find the correct lines.
  4. Copy and paste the relevant lines into a new file, or remove all other configuration from the file, preserving the JSON structure
  5. Optionally replace the values with replacement variable text. This will allow you to set the value per device.

For PMP/ePMP, validate that the structure is still valid with a tool like https://jsonlint.com/

You can also try exporting the configuration both before and after making the device change from wifi to TDD mode.  At jsonlint.com click the Try the New Pro button at the top right.  It will let you enter two files and perform a diff on them (configuration files from before and after setting TDD mode).  This should highlight all the differences between them.  Hopefully this will just be one parameter for setting TDD mode.

Be sure to maintain the existing JSON structure when creating your template.  Depending on the device type parameters are nested within certain objects.

You can also try posting this question to the device-specific board.  Experts there may be able to quickly pull up the exact configuration parameter that you need.

Pretty much the same thing I read on a searched template issue.

I guess the answer is Cambium doesn't know for sure. So, do it our way, which takes longer.


For those that may search this out later.

It appears that

wirelessinterfaceprotocolmode changes from a 2 to a 1

When switching from wifi to TDD.

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So, it worked on the bench I thought.

Not so much in the field.

I added this in a template. Set the device to this template, and appied..  It subsequently cost us truck rolls to 9 homes. Can someone confirm what the proper settings are to use Cnmaestro to switch a device to TDD from Wifi modes?? The below definately did NOT work.

"device_props": {
"snmpReadOnlyCommunity": "oursnmp",
"snmpReadWriteCommunity": "oursnmp",
"wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode": "1"

Which device type are you trying to push config to ePMP or PMP?

epmp and station only.


Is there a preferred method to switch a radio from wifi to tdd via cnmaestro if the only change in the config, that we entered as a template, didn't change the radio??

Hi Tristan,

What firmware version(s) were your SMs running?

I did a diff of exported configuration going from WiFi to TDD mode and got virtually the same template as you.  I have engaged the ePMP team with this info to understand what went wrong and what the proper template is.

Template I derived via a diff:

     "device_props": {
           "wirelessInterfaceProtocolMode": "1",

They were on 3.5.5

The process we used was run pppoe elevator to elevate the UBNT radios. 

Then I went through and used cnmaestro to update the last cambium radios to TDD.

I went to the config panel for each radio in cnmaestro, entered in this template, and applied. One by one. They all said completed in the jobs area, and we then switched the AP to the Cambium AP in TDD mode.

Once I realized that these cambium radios were not coming back. I tried to switch the cambium AP to wifi mode. All of them came back online in wifi mode. They showed their IP address in the AP as well.

I was unable to load the gui with any of those radios in that mode to try and set them to TDD.

My tech, once on site at each client radio, only had to choose TDD mode, and reboot. The client was then back  online in TDD mode.

Approximately how long after applying the configuration templates to the SMs was it until the AP was switched to TDD mode?

Well, since I did each one, one at a time. Possibly 10 minutes from start to finish.. Then I had the tech change out the AP after they all said job completed.. Which I took to mean the software was updated, and a reboot was in process. I do recall the cpe's going offline from the previous UBNT AP as well prior to switching over. Again, to me, giving me the green light to proceed with the AP swap.

Hi Tristan,

Our engineers have been unable to reproduce this locally.  Can you PM me your email address or contact me directly so we can follow up further offline?

jordan.stipati [.at.] cambiumnetworks.com



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