Terragraph Building to Building Bridge Future Product?

I’ve had some feedback from my customers who seem to be very eager to test cnWave due to the extra capacity that it offers over the current 60ghz solutions they have in place. What usually happens is they buy a lot/property on the other side of the road and move portions of staff to the new building. Municipal approval for fiber burial takes years and because of the industrial layout of many of my customers overhead is usually a no go due to massive trucks/trailers etc,

We’ve used Ubiquiti GigaBeam’s before for this and they work pretty well though 1 Gbits these days is like cake esp when the remote side has architects or draughting personnel on the other side.

Any thoughts on doing a building to building 60 Ghz terragraph + 5Ghz Wireless AX backup style of set and forget bridge ?

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The ePMP “bridge in a box” was fantastic for this, two radios, pre-paired, bolt them up, walk away. 60GHz with massive throughput would be even better. So +1 to this idea!