Terrain Coverage Plots

Now Available:
Terrain Coverage Plots of your network.

900, 2.4, 5.x

Package includes:
- JPG of coverage area
- Google Earth Image Overlay
- .kml file of AP locations to import into Google Earth

PM me for a quote.

Hay Jerry how about an example.

Take a look at these:

Example 1 is a 3D Google Earth overlay showing coverage area and relative signal level. Red is -60 or better and Blue is -85 or less.

Example 2 is the same overlay from a different angle and elevation. As you can see TriValley Tel is in the red which means the signal level approximately -60dB or better which would be an excellent link. If that location were another mile or so north, they would be in the shadow of the other peak and we would not be able to provide service. This is a huge time saver as you will not roll a truck to a site that has no chance of working.

Nice work jerry. Have you tested the accuracy with the real world?

Does this take into account trees also?

Yes, it’s fairly accurate. It’s not meant to replace a full blown RF study, but those cost 10’s of thousands.

It’s not possible to account for trees. The plot is based on the actual terrain of the earth.

However with a plot and your local knowledge of your area you will still have a pretty good idea of what the link might be like.

this is extremely wonderful and i wish you can help me to implement one of such on my network.

i will appreciate if the steps of implementation can be simple explicit for me to implement

thanks in advance