Test environment

I would like some ideas for a consistent test environment.

Before I got the last batch of radios from moto. It was pretty consistent. Now all the new radios are capped @ -45.

Before I could plug a radio in and get a -36 thru -39 and see it was ok, if I saw -40 and lower I knew the radio was a little weak and would use it for my close customers. Now this is just how I was able to test the radio and for the most part the other equipment, I know it may not be the best situation to test but its what I had to work with and it was reliably consistent ( please don’t laugh :o).

Now I need to come up with a better test environment.

I am currently looking into attenuators but am finding it hard to know which ones to buy.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. 900Mhz sorry


Any advise or ideas would be great.

I do the same for testing power levels…

we have an old role of coax we put connectors on and left it rolled up, i think we have about 400ft of LRM400 and conectorized radio we just hookup and check the stats, we should see neg 57-59 with 2 to 3 jitter, anything else we send it in for repair

i’m sure you can do this with just about any cable, maybe a shorter role of LRM 200 if you are going to buy it or like the other guys are doing, which ever is cheeper, this cable was givin to us so thats why we use it.