Test function

Any news on the test function?

This has been brough up in 2016 in the forum and I have not yet noticed such a function on my ePMP's

Can you explain what you mean by "test" function?

He's talking about a common feature that UBNT has on most of their radios that allows you to test new settings for a predefined time period, usually a few minutes... once the test has started, if you're happy with the results, you press the apply button, which keeps the changes. If you don't press apply, and the time runs out, it will revert back to the previous good working settings.

This feature is useful if you think the changes you're making might result in loss of communications with a device.

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Thanks Eric.

That is exactly it.

Like Ligowave, UBNT etc.

This means I can make a change to a client device connected to a tower for example power changes, pppoe password changes etc. and if there is a mistake or anything and the links drops, it will revert to the state before changes has been made.

This prevents a truck roll to the client which can mean a few hours loss just driving.