Testing SM's

I have a growing pile of 900Mhz SM’s that need the wireless interface tested.
How can we bench test these?

My initial thought was to purchase some attenuators and put them between the SM and AP. Get some good readings and tests for baseline then try with suspicious eq.

Has anyone done this before? Will it work? Any warning?

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we just take a pile out withing LOS of one of our ap’s and test them from there

VLAN1 wrote:
we just take a pile out withing LOS of one of our ap's and test them from there

We do the same thing.

Same for us. We take them out to our install van in the parking lot and test from our survey setup.

I was hoping to make it easy enough for a cave man to do… and cave men can’t drive out to one of our locations.

substitute cave man for the boss mans son.

Set up an AP in your office. Just use a low gain antenna and lowest power settings.


This instrument shows you several parameters:

1 Receiver sensitivity
2 Receiver signal to noise ratio
3 Frequency deviation
4 Transmit power
5 Antenna StaticWaveRatio

And many more.

Diagnosing a problem is very easy.

thas a serius test…
I just put a AP + SM link in the room and see the power levels and then put the SM that i am going to test. The dbm levels must be <2dbm diferent