Testing throughput at Gigabit speeds


cnWave provides consistent high bandwidth internet in dense urban environment. It is a 60GHz, multi-node wireless Software Defined Network (SDN) that enables high-speed internet connectivity in multiple environments. cnWave is a high-speed backbone network to which other networks are connected.

Throughput vs MCS-

throughput numbers provided above are bidirectional numbers considering 50/50 for uplink and downlink in mesh network. There is a plan to support asymmetric throughput in future for PTP links.

Tools used-

  1. Iperf version 3.7 for bidirectional support (widely used)
  2. Speed test

Traffic Generator-


PTP Setup Block diagram-

Setup Requirements-

  • PC Dell optiplex 7060 with 16GB RAM+ intel 10G SFP+with ubuntu 18.4 & iperf3.7 installed
  • 4 10G SFP+ cambium modules with 2 5mt Optical Cable 10G supported
  • 2 V5000 devices

Iperf3 examples-

Example for PTP V5000-V5000

Speed test-


Spirent Traffic Example-

UDP bidirectional uplink=1.95Gbps; downlink=1.94Gbps