the Aligning of BHs

Hey there people,

I was just wondering, if I have two back-hauls and one has rssi of 1550 and the other has 980, which one would be the culprit for bad aiming.(that is, if it is not attributed to interference). My first though is that it would be the side with the high rssi, as the high rssi woudl signal a good aim on the other side. Am I backwards here? I have tried re-aiming both but have the same results for now.

what are the signal levels in - dBm? Are the two backhauls in same location, same distance, same towers?

Here is the Master side under the sessions link

Software Version : CANOPY 7.2.9 Jul 23 2005 01:49:03
Software Boot Version : CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version : 051104 (DES) P8
Session Timeout: 8, AirDelay 1553 (approximately 14.41 miles (76097 feet))
Session Count: 8, Reg Count 2, Re-Reg Count 6
RSSI (Avg/Last): 1501/1502 Jitter (Avg/Last): 2/2 Power Level (Avg/Last): -68/-68

Here is the slave side…

Device Information

Device type 5.7GHz - BackHaul - Timing Slave - 0a-00-3e-f0-b5-f3
Software Version CANOPY 7.2.9 Jul 23 2005 01:49:03 BH20-DES
Software Boot Version CANOPYBOOT 3.0
FPGA Version 051104 (Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES, )
Uptime 15d, 23:23:58
System Time 15:39:21 08/09/2007
Ethernet Interface 100Base-TX Full Duplex
Subscriber Modem Stats
Session Status REGISTERED
Registered AP
RSSI 1088
Jitter 1
Air Delay 1553 (approximately 14.41 miles (76097 feet))
Radio Slicing Value 464 (decimal)
Radio Transmit Gain Setting 19 (decimal)
Radio Power Level -62 dBm
IP Address 192.168.x.x
Registration Grant Status Normal


Is there an upgrade program to switch p8s to p9s or 10s?

Now that I think of it, there is the fact that the other BHs on that tower are p9s (all my equipment is eccept 3 BH links out of about 15). Sucks that a software upgrade doesn’t make it possible and that you can’t have software with Hardware on the same tower.

P8 BH works exactly the same like P9 or P10, without the high priority. When software version 8.2 is out it will remain on 3000 pps because you can’t use ver 8.

Its possible that one of the radios has worse results, this is happening all the time.

Try using the hidden menu with some of the not legal frequencies to see if the Re-Reg Count will go away.

Don’t use the non-legal frequencies, the FCC frowns upon it.

You do not want to base your business on anything that could come back to haunt you later.

Can you imagine, 100’s of users…everything running nicely…you get the phone call "The is Joe Blow from the FCC, are you operating on…yes?..shut it off right now.

Have you tried turning the master into the slave and the slave into the master and re-aligning at both ends again?

I don’t see a problem with this link?

-62 & -68, Jitters are 1 & 2.

What does a link test look like? If it is 90% or better in both directions I would not pay attention to the RSSI.

The link test is great on these. 99-100% up and down. However, I get a lot of lost pings if I try 2x mode- wich I actually do prefer of coarse. This is why I thought i might need a better Rssi or at least a matching one. When I turn them to 2x, I get the same readouts but the my link starts bouncing and pings start getting lost.

I will set another day asside and try re-aiming these again. I just thought it strange that one side is so strong and the other around 1000- or maybe that I could tell which side would need the aiming by that.

We had a 5700BH20 pair running at 14 miles in 2X for quite a while and it worked great. Sounds like you just need to re-tune.

are you using Canopy RD27 reflectors?

This is what’s on the back of a reflector in stock that they have had there for a while. I assume it’s the same reflector as it looks the same (the metal arm that comes around instead of the plastic one sticking straight out). All the links I have put up came with the plastic arm that extends right in front of the dish. These older ones look different.

Channel Master
Part number = 3041124
old number = 50E