the end

we have had it with this $$#$ product.there are so many problems with layer 2 i honestly don’t think moto can fix it.if its not locking up on both the ap and sm then the packet loss is ridiclous.and if you get it to pass traffic the service flows only work at random.haven’t seen or heard of any kind of attempt to fix all or even some of these issues,and the fixes moto says works absolutely do not fix anything.we had 26 sites we wanted to do we have stoped at 3 and will be removing the gear from them i have found a similar product with tried and tested technology and have already ordered it i will post on how it works.

ok ok seems maybe i was a wee bit hasty and the last upgrade seems to have been a good longer having app lock ups and bandwidth issues and cpe lock ups have all but disappeared kodos to moto however there is still much more work to be done.and just a shout out to ryan at mbsi for keeping me sane thanks.

Glad we can help! :slight_smile: