The meaning of DHCP client above SM

Dear everyone,

I am not clear this feature' meaning in user guide. 

Please tell me DHCP client above SM is DHCP client is connected to AP via ethernet port  in PTP case, isn't it ?


if you've got a DHCP server or DHCP relay on the slave side of the link you'll need to turn it on. 

that function is ment to block down stream DHCP servers from feeding the wrong way up stream.     if the AP side of the link is with the DHCP server then you don't need to change that setting. 

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Dear Chris_Bay

I am still not clearly, purpose of DHCP client above SM is to assign IP address for client that are connected to AP site with DHCP server connecting to SM site, isnt' it ?

Could you give an example ?

Thanks very much!

Hi Vantienphap,

Its a rare case, but we were asked to make it happen.

Here is the example:

<DHCP Server>----<ePMP PTP SLAVE>----<ePMP PTP MASTER(AP)>----<network we want to obtain adresses by DHCP>



Thanks you very much!