The result of pinging SM' wireless IP address

Dear everyone

I have  a ePMP acting as SM, the SM run with router mode. 

Wireless IP :

Ethernet IP:, support DHCP on ethernet port.

My PC connect to SM' ethernet port, PC get IP automatically, 

The result of pinging from my PC to Wireless IP is unsuccessful.

Please help me explain this problem.

Thanks very much!

Hello vantienphap,

I guess your network topology is:

                      WAN                    LAN

AP    -    ( SM (    - PC (

For that case it is not possible to ping wireless interface and it is not possible to configure SM in that way.

I would be appreciate it if you could explain purpose of that action.

Probably we will suggest some other solution.

Thank you!

Dear Fedor,

You have guessed right.

Thus, which case is used with router mode ? Could you please suggest for me some case using that feature ?

I want to test that feature first and then intend to introduce  for my customer. 

Thanks you very much! 

When Router mode is enabled SM acts as Router.

Router mode includes 2 main options:

1. Static Routes.

Allows the operator to create static routes that will apply to both the Wireless and Ethernet interface of the SM. These routes can be used to route packets to IP addresses on subnets that are not connected to the SM.

2. IP Aliases.

IP aliases can be used by an SM to talk to devices on a subnet that are directly connected to the SM, but are not the same subnet as the subnet of the physical interface.  IP aliases are used when there are multiple subnets that communicate over the same physical interface.
The operator specifies the IP Alias and a Subnet Mask.  IP Aliases apply only to the Ethernet interface of the SM.

Router mode was developed to make configuration of LAN under SM easier.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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please tell me procudure the sm in router mode  with example


Please find link to Knowledge Base:

Thank you.