the strength of received radio signals.

on RJ11a connector part the headphones , you can connect a measuring instrument ?
thank you.

It’s for headphones. Produces a tone for alignment.

Page 8-20 of 14.1.2 user guide

Check out this Cambium Networks / Motorola Canopy Installation Kit With Tone Adapter.

I don't see how the headphone could possibly be adequate to align a 450.

That said, I work in a hilly region that is heavily treed and has a lot of background noise, so my experience is far from universal.  Other folks may not have to struggle for every kbps of throughput like I do.

instead of the headset , you can connect a microammeter ? … sorry if I do not speak your language well . see Attachment.

OFDM equipment is very picky about getting the alignment just right.  You really need to be able to do link capacities and see what modulation the equipment is using in order to align it properly, and the headset doesn't give you either of those.

You could use an 'el cheapo' frequency counter to get a visual cue about the received power: just get the audio from the PMP RJ11 connector (pin 5 hot, pin 6 ground) and connect this to the counter input (*): bigger numbers are better.

(*) example:

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I Chose this , okay ?..see Attachment.