There is no Internet connection between the SM Force 130 and the ePMP 3000 Access Point

Hello! I have a problem with the lack of internet between the SM Force 130 and the ePMP 3000 access point. The subscriber is connected to the ePMP 3000 in the “Bridge” mode, the IP addresses are assigned correctly. There are no problems on the ePMP 3000 side, I connected it to the
Internet. But the problem is that the subscriber himself does not have access to the Internet. What could be the problem, I ask for help.

Could be a number of things. Can you post a screenshot of the AP’s Configuration → Network page?

As Jacob said, lots of issues possible.

Start with what the client’s computer is getting for IP addresses and DNS addresses. Do these match what they are supposed to be? If not, why? May have to go looking for a wifi router that’s not supposed to be there?
If all is good on the client’s PC then look to ensuring you do not have things like bad/wrong vlan settings(if the AP has vlan enabled then all non tagged data goes to the trunk port native vlan not the expected vlan), bad network settings(you assigned a /24 to a network with a gateway inside a /28 range), bad gateway/DNS setup.
The fact that the SM has a green world icon on the top left of the web page shows that it can get to the internet (DNS is working from the SM’s perspective), so ensure you have ALL of the same settings as another client SM that is working except the IP address.

Here, please)

The ePMP 3000 itself goes online. It is connected to the Mikrotik router. Gateway address

Your gateway is set incorrectly on the station. It should also be set to .200

These radios are a bridge, there is no routing configured at each side of the link


Thank you very much, I have already figured it out myself recently) I completely forgot about the correct gateway. Sorry.