Third party antenna request thread - web link planner

I see one of the antenna options in web lp is an RF Elements 24 dbi Ultradish.

What is the procedure to get Cambium staff to add other commonly used antenna to web lp, for example we’d like to add the 27 dbi Ultradish.

Hi @jessearcher,

Adding custom antenna feature is not yet available LP web, it is planned for 6.2.1 release which is scheduled for this month end or early next month.


I’m not asking to do this in a self service fashion, I’m asking how we can go about submitting third party antennas for Cambium staff to add. You’ve already added the 24 dbi third party antenna from RF Elements, any reason Cambium staff can’t add others?

Hi Jesse,

If you ask for specific antennas then we can usually add them. It’s slightly more complex for AP antennas, but for PTP/SM antennas you can request them as you have here. Just post to the forum, raise a support ticket or, ideally, email us directly at the usual email address -

We will take a look at the antenna and try to add it in the next release.

As Vishnu mentioned, when we add the custom antenna functionality this will be the quickest way to get the antennas that you want into LINKPlanner since you don’t have to wait for a new release.

We don’t keep track of 3rd party of antennas, so we don’t know if they are available or obsolete unless someone raises it with us.



Thanks Andy, I’ve renamed this thread so hopefully it’ll be easier for others.

Can the Ultradish 27 please be added for PTP purposes (or use as an SM dish, for example with the 400C).