Third party captive portals

Is there a listing of third-party captive portals supported by Cambium for the cnPilot e-series?

Yes. We support interoperating with many third party captive portals, in addition to offering built-in portal as well via cnMaestro - including popular names like Purple, Cloud4Wi etc., and many regional portal offerings as well.

please see this page for a list of companies whose portals we work with:

 If there is a portal that you'd like to see added to our list, please reach out to us at this discussion thread.

Let me know if this helps


Thanks for the quick reply. That is what I had been looking for.

We are starting to take a look at the list now. I will be sure to reach out to Cambium on this thread if we find a vendor that we like which is not on the list.

Do you support using OAuth2 Implicit flow for authentication? Our CRM software has a cloud portal that permits it.

No, we don't have a support of OAuth2.



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