Third Party CPE's, PTT, and video streaming


Can someone tell me if we can use third party 4G LTE Band 41 devices with cnRanger platform, and if Push-to-Talk 4G radio’s will work, as well as VoIP, and video streaming, multicasting?

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The cnRanger platform is a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) platform, based on LTE technology. It does not support mobility, but many other vendor CPE devices can operate with our RRH/BBU sectors.

VOIP, Video and multicasting will work provided mobility (i.e. handoff between sectors) is not a requirement. We have many customers using our cnRanger solution with alternative CPE equipment, and likewise there are customers using our CPE with alternative eNodeB equipment.

You can read more about the product capabilities here:

The third party EnB is still being worked on. It still has disconnect bugs and at this time wouldnt suggest using the SM with 3rd party EnBs.

May I ask what you’re trying to do exactly? We have received many reports from customers successfully using our SM with other vendor eNodeB equipment.

If you can provide the vendor and model numbers of the combinations you’re having issues with, we may be able to help.

Im working with Dhaval and a few others on getting to the bottom of this problem. But im using airspan EnB (airspeed) with druid raemis.

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This is interesting , can you please confirm these 3rd party working indoors without external (roof top) antennas and

  1. can you indicate the actual CPEs that work
  2. what range/distance from the RRU was achieve
  3. Contacts of operators/service providers who actually did the test

My contacts are & +2209986888 (whatsapp)

thank you