Third Party Omni 4x4 MIMO antenna from L-com with ePMP3000

Short field test with 4x4 MIMO antenna for ePMP 3000 Access Point in the field worked very good for short distances up to 400 Meters with 24dBm output Power.


Could not place the antenna for testing on the roof top because of very rainy and windy weather conditions.

Will let you know how it goes once deployed with 6x subscribers and video surveillance cameras behind for industrial park.


HI - any screen shots of the results?

Can you guys test with a larger 4x4 omni like Mimosa's product? This is 15db gain so would work better for Micropops less than 1 mile in distance but more than 400m.

Not now - Will post the results after fixed installation, hopefully in summer.

Anything ever happen with this ? Have any other antennas tested ?