Three Key Things?

While there a thousand actions that any network operator performs in any given week, what would you consider the three key aspects of being a network operator? To use sports analogies:

  • Football (american kind): offense, defense, special teams
  • Baseball: pitching, defense, timely hitting

I know many network operators, but only manage the network in my home. I would be very interested to understand what you see as the key aspects of the business and why.


My three keys are:

1. Asking questions... lots and lots of questions, always asking why and how? Why can't we do this? How do we accomplish this? How can we do better? etc... My very first question was... "How can I get internet to my own house via wireless and not have to pay the Cable company for a connection." This seemingly simple question lead me down a 10+ year road to where I am today with my WISP.

2. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty... most WISP's  start with one person, typically the owner, doing everything. It's a lot of hard work at first as you're doing everything... research, business planning, searching for money, deploying, doing customer installs... and then at the end of the day billing, support, call-backs, etc. It can be miserable, but keep your eye on the prize and eventually you will have a nice network, happy customers, and a stable recurring revenue stream... and possibly some vacation time!

3. Use the right tool for the job... furthermore, not the cheapest tools, not the most expensive tools... but good tools. I mean this in both the figurative and literal sense. This goes for the tools in your truck, the truck itself, the computers and laptops you purchase for your business, and the network you're trying to build. If you truly can't afford good tools and have to go the cheap route, make a mental note that when you do have more money/resources, that you circle back to that project and see what you can improve.


Business Model:




Network: Design and deploy a quality network scalable to address growth, capacity and bandwidth management.

Connection: Deploy and support the network in a quality fashion to sustain and support the highest possible uptime and thru-put. Enforce minimum standards so as to not degenerate the network attributes OR deploy accordingly to generate AP's in areas to access and elevate those "hard to reach" rssi sm numbers.

Communication: Educate your staff and subscribers in all that affects them. Instruct, educate and communicate the "Charter" or "Mandate" of your business, why it is important, what the benefits are and exhibit core values that add value to the customer or project goal or challenge.

Another 3 key item is "KISS"

Keep it safe and simple.

Serve meat and potatos   The gravy will come. Don't over burden the 3 items above. Especially communication. Don't drown your customers with data far reaching overhead. Your happiness is their happiness. Complicated is complicated.