Throughput issues

I have a link with two 5.7Ghz 20mbps Motorola backhauls, the link distance is about 6.31 miles, RSSI 986, PL -59db, Jitter 3; link test 94 downlink and 98 uplink, the master is on a Motorola CMM, the slave is not and there are several AP’s (5200’s) and other BH (5700), this last ones are not mine and do not have a CMM. The BH log is clear.

So what is the problem, when I do a speed test using my router tool from one PC to another or from a PC to the main router (the main router is at the same location as the slave backhaul) I can’t get more than 1.5Mb of throughput on either direction. I know the tool works well because with other links that I have tested I get 6Mbps of throughput on both directions at the same time. Also, I am getting lots of performance complains from the users on that link, however my bandwidth usage graph indicate that we are using about 50 – 60% of our bandwidth capacity.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


If I understand you correctly there are other 5700 BH Masters at that site that do not have GPS sync? If that is the case then that is the problem. Also without some very well setup separation any other BH Slaves or APs in 5.7 will cause poor performance on the BH. You should see this by not having 100% link tests and increased re-reg counts on the BHM Sessions page.

I would start by finding out what freq the other 5700 BH is on and put yours as far away from it as you can. If you can get enough seperation it should work.